Markets Served

Delivering premium tortillas to customers across North America



We help foodservice operators differentiate themselves and manage their costs through creative menu development and consistent, high-quality products.


  • Independents — We can review your menu and help you develop offerings that will set your location apart from the competition
  • Chains — We have the product breadth to help you meet a variety of menuing needs while managing your bottom line


We have experience with all levels of education — including K-12 and colleges and universities — and we can help you determine the best options for your setting, whether it’s a taco or wrap station or single-serve entrees. We also offer healthy alternatives to traditional flour tortillas and provide child nutrition labeling information.


Catallia offers a wide range of products that meet the special dietary needs of the healthcare segment, including low-sodium and other reduced or enhanced offerings.

Business & Industry

Our broad product line up is designed to meet a variety of on-site feeding needs, including appetizers such as mini tacos and quesadillas, center of the plate entrees such as chimichangas and burritos, desserts such as flautas and crispas, and buffets including self-serve taco and fajita bars. We can help you develop menus for catering, cafeterias, and full service dining rooms. Check out our menu concepts section for new, creative ideas!

Supermarket Foodservice

Catallia tortillas are an ideal base for many grab-and-go prepared deli items throughout the day, such as breakfast burritos, sandwich wraps, quesadillas and tacos.


We have proven expertise helping large c-store operations maximize their burrito programs. Let us help you take advantage of this growth segment!



The marketplace is evolving and we are seeing tortilla category sales continuing to grow while traditional white bread sales are showing declines.* We’ll help you develop a tortilla category strategy to capitalize on this growth and build your brand at the same time.

Grocery Retailers

We support independent, chain and wholesale grocers with a broad line of premium Frescados™ tortillas that bring the authentic taste of Mexico home to your customers’ tables. Our Catallia Authentic line of flour and corn tortillas provides a fresh, old-world flavor to consumers looking for a unique tortilla experience. With it's low level of preservatives, the Catallia Authentic product line is perfect for your dairy case.

Food Manufacturing

We provide the base product for a variety of applications, and our processing flexibility allows us to provide a range of product formulations, sizes and pack outs.

Custom Products

Our creativity, processing technology and collaborative approach makes it easy for customers in any market segment to source a custom formulation that meets their needs. We’ll work with you every step of the way to create a signature tortilla with your exact specifications.

*IRI data, 52 weeks ending 5/13/12