Great Mexican food begins with great tortillas

Each and every tortilla reflects a unique combination of culture, heritage, reliability and care. Innovative production processes preserve the homemade taste, texture and appearance, while the quality and consistent performance provides ease of menu preparation, making a Catallia tortilla unlike any other.


Whether you’re serving a classic Mexican entrée, appetizer, sandwich wrap or roll up, a quality tortilla is the foundation of an exceptional meal. Catallia’s premium, heat-pressed tortillas and Frescados shelf-stable tortillas are the real thing—made with quality and care, and offering these key advantages:

All Catallia and Frescados tortillas are always made with the highest quality ingredients

Golden-brown toast points represent home-style taste and appearance

Appetizing, bread-like aroma when warmed

Dependable flexibility for easy rolling and optimal performance

Find the perfect premium tortilla products for your needs.

Differentiate yourself and manage costs through creative menu development and consistent, high-quality products.

Enjoy authentic homemade taste at home with our Frescados and Catallia Auténtica tortilla brands.

Protect your brand with our industry-leading food safety systems.

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