Score high marks on nutrition compliance, taste and fun

School foodservice operators face a number of challenges—from nutrition mandates and program participation challenges, to pleasing picky eaters and managing costs. We can help you plan the right product mix for your setting and recommend creative menuing ideas that are kid-friendly and USDA-compliant.


Start with our 9″ S.M.A.R.T. 100% whole wheat, whole grain tortilla that meets USDA regulations. It’s S.M.A.R.T. because of what it stands for:

S safe quality food (SQF) certified at level 3
M menu-friendly and versatile
A all wheat and 100% whole grain
R reduced sodium content
T tastes great!

All of our premium tortillas offer:

Whole-grain nutrition: Our lower-sodium, 100% whole grain tortillas help operators meet USDA requirements with simple bread ounce equivalencies for K–12 menu planning.

Food safety you can trust: We adhere to the most stringent food safety standards in the industry to protect your reputation and the well-being of the students you serve.

Kid-friendly versatility: Tortillas are the perfect foundation for a variety of meals kids love for breakfast, lunch or snacks, in the form of breakfast burritos, sandwich rollups, wraps and tacos.

Mouthwatering visual appeal: Whether you’re serving up an authentic Mexican entrée or a grab-and-go sandwich wrap, our whole grain tortillas and wraps have earned their stripes with students and school directors alike for their wholesome flavor and soft texture.

Quick and easy prep: Our premium tortillas are soft and pliable for easy folding or rolling without cracking or breaking.

Flavored wraps: Add color, excitement and whole grain goodness to your school program with our wide variety of 100% whole wheat flavored tortillas.

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